The shorter you sleep, the shorter you live?

Attention: le manque de sommeil peut rétrécir votre cerveau

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According to author Matthew Walker of his book (a must read) — “Why we sleep”:

Dormir moins de 6 heures…

“A large study of 25,000 individuals demonstrated that sleeping six hours or less was associated with a 40 percent increased risk of developing cancer. Another study shows that the less sleep an individual is getting in the week before facing a common cold virus, the more likely it is that they can be infected and catch a cold. There is a clear linear relationship between hours of sleep and infection rate. ”

L’impact de l’alcool ou du café

“Alcohol immobilizes the frontal lobe region of the brain that helps control impulses and restrains our behavior. We become less controlled and more extraverted. Then other parts of the brain are affected and the brain slips into sedation. Alcohol sedates you from consciousness but does not induce sleep, it is more anesthesia. Alcohol infused sleep is not restorative. Alcohol is also the most powerful suppressors of REM sleep (il s’agit du sommeil paradoxal). People consuming even moderate amounts of alcohol deprive themselves of dream sleep. It’s the cerebral version of a cardiac arrest. Memories are extremely vulnerable to alcohol. Alcohol consumption will wash away much of that which you have learned and can abstract by blocking REM sleep.”

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Author: Olivier Zara

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